Some of you may be aware that our delivery driver Aj Davis has been competing in a full contact motorsport known as Rebel Racing in the Stareceived_10153621998322363yfast race-car #20.

With Aj’s first season and first taste of a motorsport having been in March, he has continued to race competitively in the series.

With plenty of ups and downs throughout the season, Aj has had to pull many late nights working on the Rebel racer getting it ready for race weekends, repairing damage or tweaking the cars set-up for upcoming tracks.
With main sponsorship from Stayfast Industrial Supplies, Aj has had the backing necessary to get him and the car to race meetings which have paid off as we’re proud to announce that Stayfast’s driver, Aj Davis is now the East Coast champion for the Rebel racing formula.

Within one season, Aj Davis was able to get a non-winning Rebel racer to the front of the pack, develop his skills and the cars abilities after every weekend and make it to the top of the championship, dominating the table.

Well done to Aj Davis, everyone at Stayfast Industrial Supplies is proud of his achievement!

Bring on the next season and hopefully another win!