Happy New Year to all of our new and existing customers. Let’s review what Stayfast have done throughout 2017.

First, we are happy to announce we have been awarded our BRC Certification for Storage and Distribution hitting the highest rating grade AA. Whilst doing so we were also honoured ISO 9001:2008 for the year.

Being awarded the BRC for Storage and Distribution ensures us our customer’s uphold confidence in our food safety programme. For those who work with Stayfast will benefit from this accreditation as it ensures the products they are purchasing are of good quality and hygiene and are safe to use.

We are over the moon with the current progress and would like to thank all of our customers for their contribution throughout the year. Gaining these certifications allows us to continue to grow and provide an excellent service to all customers. We have a skilful workforce who specialise in different aspects of the business and who aim to give great customer care.

Stayfast regularly stock fasteners and fixings, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, corrugated cardboard and janitorial supplies. We are also a 3M distributor and stock regular Parweld products, if your item is not in stock we can source it for delivery within a few working days.